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GradLife 601: Research and Beyond

GradLife 601: Research and Beyond

In this podcast series, we’ll share the achievements and insights of West Virginia University graduate students and faculty. We’ll discuss their experiences and how they came to be passionate about their research. We’ll also talk about life beyond the lab and academy. GradLife 601: Research and Beyond is sponsored by the WVU Provost’s Office of Graduate Education and Life and hosted by Dr. Nancy Caronia, a Teaching Associate Professor in the Department of English at West Virginia University.

Latest Episode


In this episode of GradLife 601, Dr. Nancy Caronia speaks with Dariane Drake, who is in the doctoral program in higher education with WVU College of Education and Human Services. Dariane talks about being in the doctorate program and her studies in trauma and crisis and how that's impacting … Read moreGradLife 601: The intersection of access and representation in higher education

In this episode of GradLife 601, host Nancy Caronia speaks with Lauren Alexander, a doctoral student with WVU's Department of Investigative and Forensic Science and a Ruby Distinguished Doctoral Fellow. Lauren talks about her work in the forensic science field, as well as tips on how to proc… Read moreGradLife 601: Forensic Science and switching programs with Lauren Alexander

Stephanie M. House-Niamke is in the doctoral program with WVU’s Sociology Department and a W.E.B. DuBois Fellow. Her research interests concern power, access, and choice, across the areas of race, gender, and religion. This includes anti-racist pedagogy and identity development for melanin-d… Read moreGradLife 601: Power, Access and Choice with Stephanie M. House-Niamke

For GradLife 601: Research and Beyond, Dr. Nancy Caronia speaks with Dr. Christina Fattore, an Associate Professor with the Political Science Department in the John D. Rockefeller IV School of Policy and Politics at West Virginia University. A faculty associate with the International Studies… Read moreGradLife 601: Imposter Syndrome and Romancelandia with Dr. Christina Fattore

Today in GradLife 601: Research and Beyond, Dr. Nancy Caronia will be speaking with Dr. Korina Layli Menking-Hoggatt, a post-doc in the Department of Forensic and Investigative Science at WVU. Korina worked as a clinical laboratory technician for cytology and microbiology laboratories gradua… Read moreGradLife 601: Forensic Science talk with Dr. Korina Layli Menking-Hoggatt

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