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Have you ever had a peculiar experience on campus? Like hearing the faint sounds of a cow mooing near Woodburn or catching a glimpse of a little girl skipping around the corridors of the MountainLair? With over 150 years of history, there’s bound to be a few past residents roaming around WVU’s campus, and the Daily Athenaeum’s newest podcast series looks to tell their stories. Each week, Appalachian Storyteller Jason Burns will join us to help uncover these stories of real WVU historical figures and places. These stories have been floating around campus for many years, begging to be remembered, and Jason has become their keeper.

Have you ever heard the faint sound of a cow mooing near Woodburn Hall? Well, you aren’t the only one. Soon after the birth of West Virginia University, a prank that went wrong left behind one of the strangest ghosts on the WVU downtown campus. Listen to the newest episode of The Haunted Hal…


The story of the little girl in the yellow dress has been shared by many on the WVU campus. She spends her time on the second floor of the Mountainlair as a way to remember her happiest days. Though her floating figure may frighten a few, her youthful spirit is full of joy. Listen to the new…


Few may know the story behind the name E. Moore Hall. Elizabeth Moore was the principal of the Woodburn Female Seminary more than 150 years ago. She was known by many as a brave and courageous woman who valued education and was a consultant for WVU when it was first being built. These are th…

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