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Few may know the story behind the name E. Moore Hall. Elizabeth Moore was the principal of the Woodburn Female Seminary more than 150 years ago. She was known by many as a brave and courageous woman who valued education and was a consultant for WVU when it was first being built. These are the reasons why the hall was named after her, and her influence on the University is the reason why her spirit chose to stay.


An actual photograph of Elizabeth Moore hangs in one of the entry ways of the hall that bear's her name. 

Hear all the hair-raising stories that have happened in this haunted hall in the very first episode of the DA’s newest podcast, The Haunted Halls of WVU. Jason Burns, professional storyteller and WVU Arts and Entertainment staff member, shares the many tales he has collected over several decades. Burns will be sharing more ghost stories at 7 p.m. on Oct. 28 at the Aull Center. Burns also gives private ghost tours in Morgantown.

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