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Jason Burns

Jason Burns, Appalachian Storyteller and WVU Arts and Entertainment staff member. 

The series of “Haunted Halls of WVU” is coming to a close, but the hundreds of stories of Morgantown’s history will live on forever. In this week’s episode, SeVohn Hunter sits down with the voice of “Haunted Halls of WVU, ”Jason Burns, to learn more about the behind the scenes work he does for the stories he has discovered.

Burns has been a professional storyteller for more than a decade. This hobby has also turned him into an amateur historian. Burns believes the history behind the story is what makes them so compelling. Burns is also in the process of compiling all of the stories he has collected into a book, and this why he has only chosen a select few stories to share in this podcast series.

In this final episode, Burns shares how he became a professional storyteller, the detailed process he goes through in order to put a story together from start to finish, his personal thoughts on ghosts and ghouls and much more.

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