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Discover more about WVU Online. New podcasts debut every other Monday from February 21 - May 2, 2022. Podcast topics will cover the importance of resumes and graduate school recommendation requests, to support services and financial aid. Listen in for some valuable tips!
The Online Road Map podcast is sponsored by WVU Online and produced by WVU Student Media.

Latest Episode


Get ready to super-charge your resume as host Tammy Bishoff is joined by Eric Minor, director of Student Careers and Opportunities. Eric works for the Reed College of Media and is a certified career coach. If you have questions about what you can do, and where you can go with your degree, li… Read more

Join Aaron and Amber as they discuss the online undergraduate opportunities within the Reed College of Media, specifically the Integrated Marketing Communications program. For anyone considering a role in the communications field, this is a great podcast. Listen in as they talk industry tren… Read more

This is your chance to learn more about the wildly popular Winter Intersession, where students can earn up to 5 credits in just three weeks! Visting students are also eligible to take courses. Listen as Amber and Julie Thalman, Executive Director of WVU Online, discuss how to prepare for thi… Read more

When you think about the various student groups within the University, both formal and informal, our first-generation students may not be a group that typically comes to mind. Listen in as we discuss available resources and how first-gen students can make those important connections with fac… Read more

Next stop, Student Financial Services with George Yanchak! George gives us a guided tour through paying your bill, contacting the HUB, important dates and deadlines, and best practices for setting up your Maymester and Summer financial aid with WVU. The journey through Student Financial Aid … Read more

Listen every Monday from March 15 – May 3rd to discover WVU’s Maymester, summer, winter and online opportunities. We’ll talk registration, resources, courses and benefits, and have some fun along the way, so get ready to laugh and learn with us as we drop a pin on the locations we’re about t… Read more

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