Towers Talk is a WVU podcast featuring Residence Hall Coordinators Angela Delfine and Patrick O’Donnell. Each week, the hosts will bring you an interview with a different member of the WVU community to help you get adjusted to your new campus home!

This week, co-Hosts Angela Delfine and Patrick O'Donnell interview Mark Simpson from Mail Services. Mark has worked for WVU in the Mail Room for 13 years and loves his job here. Tune in to learn more about the Towers mailroom and how much our U.S. Postal Workers do for us!


Hi everyone. Welcome back to another episode of Towers Talk. I'm Angela. Welcome back for another week. Towers Talk is brought to you by Lyon and Braxton Towers. Towers. You can live anywhere, but when you're here, you're home. Okay. So today we're interviewing Mark Simpson. Um, Mark works for the WVU Mail Service and Towers.

Um, so welcome Mark. Well, thanks Patrick. So Mark, can you talk to us a little bit about what mail services does for our students here in Towers? Well, we do here for the students in Towers is we receive all their mail, third letter mail, their packages. We put their letters in their mailboxes and then their packages are put in another room and then they're delivered to each student as they need them as they come down and pick them up.

When it comes to their mail. So what's one thing that you want to share with students that you think would be helpful. Um, when it comes to sending or getting stuff from the mail room, one of the things they really need to do that we have a lot of problems with a lot of times they will send packages in without names on them or just the first name.

No room numbers. If we had all that stuff that we helpful. Cause a lot of times what happens when they do that, it delays their package because we don't know who to give it to. So we have to figure out who they belong to when they get here. That makes a lot of sense. I think I had those probably those issues when I started here.

Yeah. That's a great point, Mark. And I'm kind of on top of that too. I've noticed that I notice that sometimes they don't update their forwarding addresses in Amazon. Um, or any vendors that they would ship to. So that's just another reminder, um, is, you know, when you're ordering from Amazon and make sure that you put your campus address on there, uh, even if you've been like ordering to home all summer, so that's just something to update as well.

Um, so Mark, I know that we've had some changes with our pickup location this year for packages. Can you talk a little bit about, um, you know, where that new location is and why that changed this year? Yeah. Um, we have moved all the student packages down to the old it office in Brook power, uh, it's room G 49.

And the reason for that was with this virus and everything that's going on. Um, we had to do the social distance, you know, whatever. And our main mail room is not really big enough when we start getting a bunch of packages. There's no room to do the social distancing. So. We moved everything down there. So we'd have more space and be able to social distance and be able to do follow the guidelines that we need to follow.

Awesome. Thanks Mark. See, you told us a lot about the mail room. You've helped answer a lot of the questions that we, our students have. So, um, now we're going to ask them some questions about you. As we know that I've been working here for five years and you were here much longer than that I'd imagine. So, you know, how, like how did you get to your position at WB?

What do you love most about working here that tell us a little bit about your experiences working for WB. I started out about 13 years ago as a temp, actually working in the mail room. I worked nine months here in the mail room, and then I got on full time. So I've been here for, I think, 13 years in October.

Yep. So I've been working in the mailroom all that time. Um, I enjoy the interaction with the students and helping the students out with their mail and different things. Uh, uh, I've worked my way up from route being out on the route, driving truck two, moving inside, doing work inside, and then. Up to department lead.

So I do a lot of, uh, the work with the work studies, um, and stuff like that, supervise them and, and different things. We've taken on a lot of the new roles this semester with the web cams and my fives and different stuff. But that's about it. That's really awesome. Thanks for sharing that, Mark. It's really cool to hear about your journey.

Yeah. Thank you so much. And to all of our listeners, please make sure that you think Mark and our other male workers for all of their hard work. Um, you know, the us post office does so much, uh, to bring us mail, to bring us our packages and, um, just especially with COVID and everything. Um, we're relying more on online orders.

So, you know, from us, you Mark, thank you so much for joining us today. And for talking a little bit more about mail services here, I make sure to catch us next week when we interviewed another member of the WVU community. Alrighty, thank you. Have a good day.