Courtney sits down with Brittany Brandt, the Coordinator for Fitness and Wellbeing at Campus Recreation, to talk about how to stay on track with your fitness routine over the holidays. Recommendations include checking out some free fitness apps, going out and experiencing winter activities like sledding or ice skating with your friends and family, and putting shame in your rearview window!

Hey everyone. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to Wellbeing Wednesdays. I am your host, Courtney Weaver. I'm also the director over at Well WVU here at West Virginia University with me today is Brittany Brandt. She is the fitness and wellbeing coordinator over at Campus Recreation. So we're so happy that she's able to join us today.

Talk a little bit about maintaining your fitness over the holidays. So Brittany, welcome. And for those who. Familiar with your position or with you as a person. Why don't you tell everyone a little bit about yourself and your role here at the university? Sure. Oh, well, thank you Courtney, for having me today, I'm very excited to be here and talk to the students.

As I mentioned, my name is Brittany and. But nest and wellbeing. What I do specifically in campus recreation, I oversee the group fitness programs personal training programs and any other special events that we run here on campus that have to deal with fitness and mobile. All right. So let's talk about maintaining fitness through the holiday season before actually we dive into that topic.

Let's talk about just like the general fitness recommendations, because sometimes things like this shift, especially with our physical health, whether that's nutrition or fitness or sleep. So what are our general fitness recommendations for Americans? Yes. So. The government always puts out new guidelines every five, 10 years.

So currently they recommend exercise specifically 150 minutes of moderate exercise. So a few examples of moderate exercise are brisk walking, riding a by hiking. Yoga or recreational swimming. Of course it's not, you know, limited lists. So could mean a lot of things or seventy-five minutes of vigorous activity per week.

So examples of vigorous are running, playing basketball or weightlifting. So this is the goals that you should be hitting every trying to hit every week. And this includes. Strength training cardio and some strength and flexibility. So you should really try to do at least two days of each of those activities.

Okay. And sometimes I've found that students don't realize that they actually do get a lot of moderate exercise without even like going into a recreation facility. Just like, well, especially here, because it's so hilly, but like walking to class, you can get quite a few minutes of exercise per day just from doing that.

Yes. And I'm also glad that you said it's still 150 minutes, cause that may or may not be like the wallpaper that's on the building, like on the first floor of our building. So it's good that it's still relevant. All right. So what are some things that folks have to keep in mind when thinking about like maintaining their fitness regime as they maybe go home to the, to their families for the holidays?

What are, what are some things that they have to think about? I would say that the number one thing we go home for break or for the holidays is number one, we came off of a stressful, most likely stressful semester. So taking time for rest is definitely okay. You're really focusing on probably. Seeing friends and family.

So spending time with them and making those connections is really your number one goal over break. So sometimes fitness can take a back seat to that, which is totally okay. So if you don't get to work out every single day or you don't hit your goal, it's completely okay. Because once you come back to school, you'll get back into your routine.

And so I have some tips that people can think about when they go home. So a lot of fitness apps offer free trials. So down dog is yoga. They have some high intensity interval training, like beach body has a lot of great things. That's body weight taking your workout outside. I realized some people will be going to warmer places.

That's home. Some people will be in snowy places. So this may or may not be feasible for some people, but you can run, walk or do body weight circuit, sometimes gyms or studios offered deals for students. So they might offer a $10 classes or a gym fee membership for a month, you know, $30 or $50 for one month.

So just checking those out and I'm really doing. Suggests activities with friends. So if you're usually meeting up for coffee, maybe you suggest to do play outside like basketball or tennis, or if you're in a snowy place, you can go ice skating, skiing, or sledding down the hill and walking up the Hills early, a lot of work.

So I think the day, if you miss one word, It's not a big deal. Just try again tomorrow. All right. So don't be afraid to try new activities. So that's, that's good. Well, I know that there's a lot of, I think maybe concern with students as with like their eating patterns or things like that, and they might feel guilty if they're indulging in those holiday treats.

I mean, what would your advice be for students who might have that concern? Yes. So I also have some tips for the nutrition part as well. So as I mentioned before, during the holidays, you spend a lot of time focusing on friends and family. And so with that comes a lot of like food centric, parties, or gatherings.

It's okay to indulge. Of course. This isn't the time of the year that we usually do but focus more on the people that you are connecting with rather than the food itself. So you can focus on having the conversations rather than eating very quickly and then talking, but just being mindful of portion control.

So taking small amounts of food, rather than having really large portions of everything, take small portions of multiple things, eat slowly and chew thoroughly. Drink, plenty of water. Sometimes. These gatherings have alcohol involved, so that adds calories and alcohol can make you hungrier. And also maybe you don't make the best choices for food.

You overeat, things like that. When you go somewhere where it is a buffet of foods, check out all of the offerings and then decide what you want to eat. So if you really like mashed potatoes, take more mashed potatoes. And if you kind of like a little bit of stuffing, maybe just do that, but make sure to load up on some vegetables and fruits as well.

Don't feel pressured to eat everything on the table. Usually bigger parties. There's a lot of food. There's a lot of people, so don't feel pressured pick and choose your favorite foods to eat. And if you do happen to overeat that day, don't feel guilty. And tomorrow's a new day. When you come back to school, you can get back on.

Regular routine of getting back to eating healthy. So right. Every, everything in moderation, right. That's like my motto in life you know, food is for enjoying, you know, all food has values, so that's good. And I think one thing also to mention is pay attention maybe to your hunger in society, satiety cues, because sometimes when you're at those parties, Mindless.

You're just eating. Cause that's the thing to do, but maybe pay attention, like, are you actually hungry or and I think focusing on the conversation will help with that to just be like, I'm actually not hungry, so maybe I should not eat. Or if you are hungry, then definitely, you know, take some treats.

But, but yeah. So how do you Brittany maintain your exercise regime when you're away from your home environment? What do you like to do? So for myself, Use, I personally use the beach body app because it has a lot of body weight stuff. There's various types of exercise on there all the way from hit training to yoga, to boxing.

And it's really like budget friendly. I think it's 9 99 or 1499 a month. So, and there's a free trial with it too. So if you've never done it, spree trial Some drop-in sessions at yoga. Sometimes I do yoga podcasts. You can find some on like apple, Spotify to do those for free. So I have my mat at home and I go to the gym with my friends and family.

My mom and I go on walks around the neighborhood. So luckily we have some pills in our neighborhood that we can go up and down. I know that not everybody has that. But sledding is also my favorite snow themed activities to do while I'm home, if there's snow on the ground. But all my workouts are really bodyweight focused and require little to no equipment.

That's what I focus on during the holidays. I just try to focus on keeping my weight or how I look and how I feel that maintained and not so much trying to lose weight or gains. I'm just trying to keep everything the same. And then when I come back and have access to the wreck, that's when I get back to my goals of what I want to do next.

Oh, okay. I think I've used like the Nike fitness app and they have some. Three one that soon as you take advantage of, and they have different activities, I don't, I don't think they have like group workout sessions, but they have different moves that you can sort of put together and they demonstrate it for you as well.

Which in a video format, not just a picture format. Cause if you're like me, my spatial awareness is crap. So I haven't seen an actual video of someone doing. Of motion is good for me. So and now are there any resources that are available at campus rec that can help students stay on track while the semester is like, or were in between semesters?

I should say. So the rec center itself will be open during break. So if any students are around, we will have reduced hours and we will have some group fitness classes in person. So we don't have any virtual options or resources right now. But I think that it is a really great idea. So I would like to make some for the students.

So I would say. Just follow us on Instagram and Twitter on our social media and keep a lookout for some at home workouts that people can do. Cause I think it would be great to offer those for people. Yeah, for sure. So before we end today, Brittany, is there anything else that any other pearls of wisdom that you would like to impart upon our audience?

Yes. I would say that over the holidays. I know I've mentioned it before, but I just want to reiterate again. It's all about spending time with friends and family. Don't stress out on trying to lose weight or do any drastic goal setting during the holidays. And just really try to maintain and have fun.

Enjoy yourself and eat the dang cookie. Okay. Yes, life is short eat, eat the cupcake, eat the cookie. Especially after, you know, we thought 20, 20, 20 20 was a tough year, 2020. One's also been a tough year. So it's time to maybe take this time to unwind and relax and. Yeah, just enjoy yourself. So well, thank you so much, Brittany, for joining me today.

I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day and to all of our listeners appreciate y'all tuning in for this episode and we will catch you next time on Wellbeing Wednesday.