This week, Geoff welcomes Lynne Stahl into the studio to discuss Westover's book. Lynne Stahl is the Humanities Librarian at WVU. She has a PhD in English from Cornell. Prior to coming to WVU, she worked for the Portland Public Library. Geoff and Lynne talk about some of the book's blind spots, as well as its strengths. Topics covered include the logic of misogyny, negative spaces in reading, what makes a "good" book, and whether memoirists have a responsibility not only to tell their story but to connect it to other stories.
As sometimes happens, the discussion of Educated leads to a discussion of several other books as well. Here are the titles of those books, should you want to read them: Down Girl (Kate Manne); Are You My Mother? (Alison Bechdel); Heartland (Sarah Smarsh).

Thanks to our producers, Nick Kratsas and SeVohn Hunter, and to Sean Graham for the music you heard at the beginning and end of the episode.

Podcast Contributor

Geoffrey Hilsabeck is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of English at West Virginia University and Community Outreach Fellow at the WVU Humanities Center.