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According to LiveScience, USPSTF claims that “there is enough good-quality evidence to be confident that the benefits of screening for depression outweigh the harms for the general adult population.” This claim, however, does not accurately weigh its pros and cons.

When it was reported last week a German commercial airliner plunged from the sky and slammed into the French Alps, killing all on board, the world was shocked. When it was revealed the tragic loss of life may not have been accidental, but rather the result of deliberate actions by the flight’s co-pilot to destroy the aircraft, the world was in disbelief.

With our days getting shorter and dark nights growing increasingly longer as we enter into the frosty winter months, it’s difficult not to feel a little blue. And with the stress of pre-Thanksgiving project due dates and exams, preparation for the dreaded finals in just three short weeks, it sometimes feels like those 8:30 mornings are a little more difficult to leave your bed for and those late nights of Netflix binge-watching a little lonelier than they were before the time change.