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Corrections and Clarifications

The Daily Athenaeum is committed to accuracy.

As a student-run organization, The DA is a learning laboratory where students are charged with the same responsibilities as professional reporters, editors, photographers, production, delivery and sales staff.  We encourage our readers and the West Virginia University community to let us know when they believe we have fallen short.

The DA will promptly research and determine whether a correction or clarification is appropriate. If so, the correction will appear in the same media (print or online) the error appear. Corrections will be appended to all archived content.

To report an error, email the editor-in-chief at da-editor@mail.wvu.edu

The email should include:
1) the name of the written work, 2) its author, 3) the date of publication, 4) a hyperlink to the online version, 5) the factual error in question and 6) any supporting documents.

The editor and or the managing editor will respond to any notification of an error within three publication days. The DA leadership will discuss the error with the staff member responsible for the content and make a determination.

Major vs. minor errors A major error is any factual error that changes the meaning of the story. Major errors include plagiarism and fabrication as well as getting large chunks of information wrong. Any article with more than three major errors will be redacted. Depending on the amount of article that is factually incorrect, an article may also be redacted. If an article is redacted or the major error is at all offensive, the editor-in-chief will write a letter from the editor discussing the error and apologizing for its occurrence. A minor error is any factual error that does not change the meaning of a story but may make parts of the story unclear for the reader. Minor errors include name misspellings or small factual errors such as getting a year wrong.

Editors may make changes post publication for grammatical, AP style and spelling errors without issuing a correction. Spelling errors do not include names. Editors can add links to articles without issuing a correction.

Clarifications For additional statements that would increase reader understanding a clarification may be issued instead of a correction. It is up to the editor-in-chief to decide if a clarification should be issued instead of a correction. If a clarification is used, “Clarification appended.” should be included at the top of the online version of the article in bold. If clarifications and corrections are used, “Clarification and corrections appended.” should be included in bold at the top of the article. The two categories should be defined at the bottom of the article by listing either clarification or correction before the wording.



The DA Takedown Policy

The DA is the student newspaper of record for West Virginia University and is editorially independent from the University.
The DA’s mission is to serve as a historical record of the news and events of the West Virginia University community. Therefore, the DA generally does not remove the DA’s created content from its website (www.theDAonline.com), including its online archives. In case of a factual error, the DA’s created content will be corrected and updated with an editor’s note, but not removed.

If you feel there is a factual error regarding an article, column, photo or other material  created by the Da please submit your formal request to the below address, including with your request:
1) the name of the written work, 2) its author, 3) the date of publication, 4) a hyperlink to the online version, 5)any supporting documents.
Requests should be submitted to danewsroom@thedaonline.com.



Posting Comments, News, and other user submitted content

In order to facilitate fair, focused and intelligent discussion of the issues that concern the West Virginia University community, The Daily Athenaeum requires that all participants adhere to the following forum rules. All user feedback will be posted immediately upon submission and will be monitored by the user community. Forum participants are encouraged to report any feedback that does not comply with the rules. Although the DA reserves the right to remove posts and/or block users if these rules are violated, the staff will not be actively involved in an approval or review process. These terms of use may be modified at any time without notice, and such modifications shall be effective immediately.

All letters to the editor, whether submitted to the online edition or the print edition, and all online story feedback become the property of Daily Athenaeum and may be used in print editions and online editions of the Daily Athenaeum. The DA archives all of its content, which is accessible to readers at any time. Anonymous letters will not be accepted. Names may be withheld for good cause upon request at the sole discretion of The DA. Letters may be edited for style, space, clarity and accuracy.

In submitting feedback, you are representing and agreeing that:

  • You are the author of the submission. You agree to use your full name and not to use a pseudonym. Submissions found to be submitted under a false name will be removed and the associated account will be deleted.
  • You are not posting personal attacks, messages that are sexual in nature or inflammatory.
  • You are not posting any information that is false, misleading or inaccurate.
  • The submission is free of copyright, trademark or publication restrictions.
  • You are not using the website for any unlawful purpose or encouraging others to engage in unlawful activities.
  • You will not interfere with any other person's use of the website.
  • You acknowledge that third parties may hold you responsible for libel, invasion of privacy, misappropriation of likeness and disclosure of confidential information, and that you will hold harmless the Daily Athenaeum for same.
  • The Daily Athenaeum has the right to disclose any information in compliance with any law, regulation or governmental request that could prevent or assist in the resolution of any criminal, illegal, or any activity in violation of state, federal or local law and/or University policy.
  • Commercial solicitation is strictly prohibited.

Please direct any questions to DA-editor@mail.wvu.edu


Terms of Service


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