On top of school work, social lives and chores around the house, many college students are faced with deciding whether or not they should add one more responsibility to their daily lives by owning a pet.

The types of pets college students own range from everything between fish to dogs. The Animal House, a local pet store, often sells rabbits, sugar gliders, chinchillas and many other pets to college students.

The Animal House believes in selling animals to students because it not only teaches students responsibility, but it gives them something that is completely “theirs.”

Roshan Daniel, a junior mechanical and aerospace engineering student, adopted his cat, Frodo, earlier in his college career and says as a whole, his experience with a pet has been a positive one.

“I decided I wanted a cat last summer and I spent two months saving up money and making sure I was prepared for a pet,” Daniel said. “I even read a book in preparation for getting a cat and after all that I realized I really wasn’t prepared at all.”

Daniel’s situation isn’t a rare one. As the Animal House teaches their customers, pets are a lot of work. Being a pet owner is more than just providing a house and food. They \require a lot of interaction.

“I’ve definitely lost some sleep and spent a lot more money for my cat but at the end of the day it’s great to have a constant companion when you get home from classes,” Daniel said. “My general advice to anyone thinking about getting an animal in college is to just do it. It may be hard sometimes but you will definitely learn a lot about yourself in the process.”