President Gee during Move-In Weekend


President E. Gordon Gee talks with parents during move-in weekend.

Parents of West Virginia University students are invited to attend "Pancakes, Parents and the President" at 8:15 a.m. this Saturday in the Morgantown Event Center as part of the University’s annual Fall Family Weekend.

University President E. Gordon Gee will share information and advice with families, as well as answer any questions parents may have about what’s happening at WVU.

Vice President of Student Life William D. Schafer wrote a letter to parents encouraging them to attend the weekend’s events.

"I know this will be a very exciting, fun-filled weekend for families, and you won’t want to miss it," Schafer wrote in the letter. "As a father of two daughters who are in college, one out-of-state and one who is a new freshman at WVU, I know you miss your student a great deal. The WVU Family Weekend is a great opportunity to reconnect with them."

WVU parent and chair of the Kanawha County Parents Club April Robertson also spoke about missing her children while they’re away from home. Robertson believes "Pancakes, Parents and the President" will provide parents with some much-needed support and information.

"I love President Gee," Robertson said. "I think he’ll share a lot of important information about current events and what’s going on at the University. I think he’ll reassure us and share a lot of needed encouragements."

According to Robertson, this weekend, and the Parents Club in general, has offered her a lot of comfort while her children, WVU students Olivia and Parker Boughton, started their first year at WVU.

The event is considered "parents-only." Students are instructed to sleep in and stay home while their families are hanging out with Gee.

The WVU Parents Club is hosting the weekend of events from Oct. 2-4. Parents are encouraged to attend and enjoy "new events, plenty of pancakes and even an opportunity for a selfie or two with President Gordon Gee."

Parents or families interested in attending the "Pancakes, Parents and the President" event can RSVP at

Free parking for the event will be available across the street from the hotel at One Waterfront Place Garage.