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NORMAN, Okla. — Of all the former Sooners that were in town for the University of Oklahoma’s homecoming on Saturday, WVU quarterback Austin Kendall might have been the only one not rooting for an OU victory.

At the start of the season, West Virginia rolled out a new-look receiving corps. Now, six weeks into the season, the new-look receiving corps has a new look yet again.

Heading into Saturday afternoon’s much anticipated matchup between West Virginia and Texas, Mountaineer quarterback Austin Kendall had been focused on continually striving to increase his production on a weekly basis in his first season as a starting college quarterback. 

Auburn and Alabama’s Iron Bowl, Ole Miss and Mississippi State’s Egg Bowl, Oregon and Oregon State’s Civil War, Michigan and Ohio State’s The Game and Texas and Oklahoma’s Red River Rivalry are just some of the marquee rivalry matchups that excite football fanbases each and every year.

Following one of the most infamous football games in West Virginia history — the 2007 Backyard Brawl — Mountaineer fans wanted a scapegoat, someone they could blame for the impossible event they had just witnessed.

A team does not hire a coach like Les Miles to maintain the status quo. A team does not hire Les Miles to tread water or to go through a rebuild. A college football team hires Les Miles because they want to excite their fan base, change the perception of their team and because they want to win.

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