Oklahoma defensive tackle Neville Gallimore (right) chases down Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger during a 2019 game.

Oklahoma defensive tackle Neville Gallimore (right) chases down Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger during a 2019 game. Gallimore was chosen by the Dallas Cowboys with the No. 82 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

At the conclusion of the 2020 NFL Draft on Saturday, the Big 12 Conference had 21 players selected, ranking fifth among conferences with the most draft picks.

Among Power Five conferences, the Big 12 features the fewest number of teams (10). 

Led by No. 1 overall pick Joe Burrow, a quarterback from LSU, the SEC was the conference featuring the most draft picks as 63 total players from the conference were chosen, including 15 in the first round.

Oklahoma wide receiver CeeDee Lamb, who was chosen in the first round by the Dallas Cowboys.

CeeDee Lamb

Oklahoma wide receiver CeeDee Lamb was the first player from the Big 12 to go off the board, being selected with the 17th overall pick in the first round by the Dallas Cowboys.

Four additional Big 12 players went in the first round: TCU wide receiver Jalen Reagor and cornerback Jeff Gladney, Oklahoma linebacker Kenneth Murray and Texas Tech linebacker Jordyn Brooks. 

TCU was the Big 12 school with the most overall selections, with five, while three schools had zero draft picks: Iowa State, Kansas State and Oklahoma State.

Vernon Scott, a defensive back from TCU, was the last Big 12 player off the board as he was chosen by the Green Bay Packers with the No. 236 overall pick, coming in the seventh round.

Draft picks by conference:

No. 1: SEC (63 players)

No. 2: Big 10 (48 players)

No. 3: Pac-12 (32 players)

No. 4: ACC (27 players)

No. 5: Big 12 (21 players)

Draft picks from the Big 12 Conference:

Jalen Reagor

Jalen Reagor

First Round

No. 17 (Dallas Cowboys): CeeDee Lamb, wide receiver, Oklahoma

No. 21 (Philadelphia Eagles): Jalen Reagor, wide receiver, TCU

No. 23 (Los Angeles Chargers): Kenneth Murray, linebacker, Oklahoma

No. 27 (Seattle Seahawks): Jordyn Brooks, linebacker, Texas Tech

No. 31 (Minnesota Vikings): Jeff Gladney, cornerback, TCU

Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts

Second Round

No. 40 (Houston Texans): Ross Blacklock, defensive tackle, TCU

No. 53 (Philadelphia Eagles): Jalen Hurts, quarterback, Oklahoma

No. 59 (New York Jets): Denzel Mims, wide receiver, Baylor

Devin Duvernay

Devin Duvernay

Third Round

No. 70 (Miami Dolphins): Brandon Jones, safety, Texas

No. 82 (Dallas Cowboys): Neville Gallimore, defensive tackle, Oklahoma

No. 92 (Baltimore Ravens): Devin Duvernay, wide receiver, Texas

No. 96 (Kansas City Chiefs): Lucas Niang, offensive tackle, TCU

Fourth Round

No. 130 (Minnesota Vikings): James Lynch, defensive tackle, Baylor

Colton McKivitz

Colton McKivitz

Fifth Round

No. 152 (Carolina Panthers): Kenny Robinson, safety, West Virginia

No. 153 (San Francisco 49ers): Colton McKivitz, offensive tackle, West Virginia

No. 165 (Jacksonville Jaguars): Collin Johnson, wide receiver, Texas

No. 170 (Baltimore Ravens): Broderick Washington, defensive tackle, Texas Tech

Sixth Round

No. 180 (Cincinnati Bengals): Hakeem Adeniji, offensive guard, Kansas

No. 184 (Carolina Panthers): Bravvion Roy, defensive tackle, Baylor

Seventh Round

No. 234 (Los Angeles Rams): Clay Johnston, linebacker, Baylor

No. 236 (Green Bay Packers): Vernon Scott, defensive back, TCU


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