A West Virginia gymnast competes in the Big 12 Championships at the WVU Coliseum on March 20, 2021.

A West Virginia gymnast competes in the Big 12 Championships at the WVU Coliseum on March 20, 2021.

The West Virginia University gymnastics team hosted the 2021 Big 12 Gymnastics Championship on Saturday at the WVU Coliseum. The Mountaineers placed fourth, Iowa State followed with third-place, while the University of Oklahoma earned second and Denver University finished in first-place. 

WVU started the first rotation on floor with sophomore Kianna Yancey starting off strong matching her season-high score of 9.85. Senior McKenna Linnen also matched her season-best score of 9.85. The two WVU gymnastics tied for eleventh-place with Oklahoma senior Evy Schoepfer and Iowa State senior Andrea Maldonado. 

Sophomore Emily Holmes-Hackerd followed with a 9.8, tying with teammate junior Kendra Combs for 17th place with Sooner seniors Anastasia Webb and Jordan Draper. 

Freshman Kiana Lewis registered a matching career-high score of 9.875 for the second straight meet, tying for fifth-place with multiple Denver gymnasts.

Sophomore Abbie Pierson tallied a matching season-high score of 9.9 in the anchor slot for the Mountaineers and earned fourth-place. 

The Mountaineers earned their second-highest floor total of the season with a total score of 49.275. By the end of the first rotation Oklahoma was in first, Iowa State in second, with West Virginia in third and Denver in fourth. 

For the second rotation Kianna Yancey led off for the vault event, scoring a 9.8. Teammate senior Michelle Waldron also scored a 9.8, the two tied with Cyclones junior Phoebe Turner for 14th place. 

Junior Rachel Hornung matched her season-high score of 9.75 tying with Denver’s Ruiz. Kayla Yancey followed up on vault with a 9.725, earning 22nd place. Lewis earned a 9.775 tying for 18th place with junior Emma LaPinta. 

Pierson tallied a season-best 9.875 in the anchor spot, just short of her career-high mark, tying for sixth-place with Iowa State freshman Emilie Hong. 

The Mountaineers tallied a season best in the vault event with a final score of 48.975. At the end of the second rotation Oklahoma was still in first, with Denver now in second-place and Iowa State in third with WVU in fourth. 

In her typical lead off position for bars, junior Esperanza Abarca scored a 9.65 and placed 24th to start off the third rotation. Combs tallied a matching season-high score of 9.825 and placed 16th. 

Junior Rachel Hornung and Kianna Yancey both scored a 9.8 tying with a trio of Iowa State gymnasts, sophomores Loganne Basuel and Makayla Maxwell and with junior Madelyn Langkamp for 17th place. Kayla Yancey earned a 9.75, earning 23rd place. 

Holmes-Hackerd earned a matching career-high score of 9.85 in the anchor position tying for tenth place with Denver’s Ruiz and senior Mia Sundstrom, Sooner senior Karrie Thomas and other competitors. 

The Mountaineers earned their second-highest bars total this season with a final score of 49.025. After the third rotation Oklahoma still held onto first place, with Denver in second-place, Iowa in third and the Mountaineers in fourth-place.

For the fourth and final rotation, WVU took on the balance beam. Holmes-Hackerd had an unfortunate fall in her routine, scoring a 9.2 and ended up in 23rd place. Hornung matched a season-best score of 9.85, tying with Iowa State’s Turner and Oklahoma senior Carly Woodard. 

Pierson earned 19th place with her score of 9.675. Freshman Chole Asper scored a 9.625 and ended up in 20th. Linnen posted a 9.4 mark and earned 21st place. 

Combs scored a matching personal-best mark of 9.875 tying with Denver’s senior Lynnzee Brown and Ruiz and Iowa junior Natalie Horowitz for sixth-place. 

West Virginia’s total score for the balance beam was 48.425. 

Denver surpassed Oklahoma for first-place with their total score of 197.350. Oklahoma’s total score, 197.125 was good enough for second-place. Iowa State earned third-place with the total score of 197.050, while the Mountaineers earned fourth-place with their score of 195.725.