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Feb. 11, 2018; Will Anti during West Virginia's match with Kentucky

Fresh off an impressive double-header last week at home, the second-ranked West Virginia University rifle team defeated both Army and Coast Guard on Saturday.

West Virginia totaled 4712 which granted them first place, followed by Army with 4658, and Coast Guard with a 4564 total.

In smallbore, the Mountaineers led the way with 2335 followed by Army with a 2307 total and Coast Guard finishing in third with a 2270 total.

Leading the way for WVU was Ginny Thrasher who shot 586 which was good enough for a first-place finish. Sarah Osborn came in third-place with a 585 total, Morgan Phillips came in fourth-place with a 584 total, Will Anti came in fifth-place with a 581 total, Jared Eddy came in sixth-place shooting 580, and Milica Babic finished in seventh-place with a total of 579.

Leading the way for the air rifle portion, the Mountaineers held the first four places. Milica Babic shot an impressive a match-best 597. Ginny Thrasher came in second-place with a 595 total, Jared Eddy came in third-place with a 593 total, Sarah Osborn followed suit coming fourth-place with a 592 total. David Koenders shot 588 which placed him in seventh-place, Will Anti came in ninth-place with a 585 total, and Noah Barker finished up in thirteenth-place with a total of 580.

With the victory West Virginia moves on to 8-0 on the season. The Mountaineers will have a week’s rest then will take a trip to visit TCU on November 10th.