Rodrigo Robles Grajera came out firing on Saturday evening as he knocked in a pair of goals for the West Virginia men’s soccer team en route to a 3-0 victory over Penn. 

It only took eight minutes for the Mountaineers (6-2-1) to take the lead on the night when Robles Grajera headed in a shot for the 1-0 advantage. The goal marked Robles Grajera’s third of the season and was assisted by both Ryan Kellogg and Tony Pineda. 

Robles Grajera’s goal was only the fifth goal allowed all season by Penn goalkeeper Dane Jacomen.

The only other shot that looked like it could have reached the back of the net for the Mountaineers in the opening period came in the 32nd minute off the foot of Pau Jimenez Albelda which was quickly stopped by Penn’s (3-3-1) Jacomen. 

West Virginia was able to keep possession of the ball for the majority of the period while getting off five total shots and two shots on goal, as opposed to Penn’s pair of shots and lone shot on goal. 

The second period was a different story which saw West Virginia goalkeeper Steven Tekesky take down a number of shots on goal, including a boot off the foot of Penn’s Amado Lozano in the 65th minute. 

It took more than eight minutes for the Mountaineers to get on the board in the second period. When they did, Robles Grajera scored his second goal of the night in the 67th minute off of an assisted bouncer from Pascal Derwaritsch and Tsubasa Takada inside the penalty box. 

“Certainly, he affected the game today and in particular, yes he scored the two, but it was his hard work that got us the third by going back and winning the ball back off their defender, finding a pass and got it into Andres,” said WVU head coach Marlon LeBlanc. 

Coming 13 minutes after Robles Grajera’s second goal of the night, Andres Muriel Albino was able to find the back of the net for his sixth goal on the season. The score was the final in the Mountaineers’ 3-0 victory. 

WVU will have six days to prepare for their next opponent as they play host to San Diego on Oct. 4 at 7 p.m. from Dick Dlesk Soccer Stadium.