Oct. 27, 2017; Ryan Wickiser in goal against Pitt

In his third season at WVU, junior goalie Ryan Wickiser has been a solid backstop for the Mountaineers.

So far this season he has amassed a 4-3-1 record with a goals against average of 3.20. “Look forward to the next shot” said Wickiser “Staying with my emotions”. When asked what he is thinking during a game.

Wickiser, who grew up in New Albany, Ohio, started to play hockey at the age of 5 and transitioned to the goalie position at the age of 7. Ever since, Wickiser has been the backstop for the team he was playing on.

Wickiser favorite hockey memory came when his hockey team won the state championship, while his brother was playing on the team with him.

One person who has been an influence in his life has been his father. His dad would take him to games across the country and even into Canada sometimes.

“He taught me a lot about life,” Wickiser said.

On the hockey side, his role model would be the starting goaltender for the Columbus Blue Jackets, Sergei Bobrovsky, who is a premier goalie at the NHL level.

“His work ethic is incredible,” Wickiser said.

When you see Ryan Wickiser in between the pipes, one thing stands out other than his play is his goalie mask. The goalie mask is one of the most predominant feature on a goaltender and the goaltender can make his mark on it.

On Wickiser’s mask, there is one main theme to the mask and it is tied into West Virginia. The “flying WV” is on the right side and a bear and deer is on the left side. There is a tree line illustration that starts near the chin and travels to the end of the mask, with and outline of the Appalachian Mountains in the background.

“I wanted the whole mask designed into West Virginia,” Wickiser said.

Another great feature on the mask is at the chin. A West Virginia license plate design is there with the letters WICK.

Since then, Wickiser’s degree deals with wildlife and fisheries. The beer and deer are symbolic both to his major and for the state of West Virginia.

With the Mountaineers in the grind of the season, Wickiser will play a role in how this team finishes.

“Looking forward to making good moves down the stretch,” Wickiser said.

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