The West Virginia gymnastics team was able to redeem themselves by topping New Hampshire this past weekend.

“It’s always great to be on your home turf,” said WVU gymnastics team head coach Jason Butts. “It still wasn’t the best performance we could put out there, so to get that kind of a score at the second meet would have been our second highest score of all season last year.”

WVU accomplished the win by earning the final score of 195.800, compared to New Hampshire’s 195.225. The victory gave the Mountaineers a push in the national rankings, moving them up 11 spots, where they are currently nationally ranked at No. 26.

“I’m very excited with the direction we are heading,” Butts said.

Each of the Mountaineer gymnasts competed with confidence and passion, filling the entire stadium with positive energy. Even though the entire team preformed with high energy, there were a few Mountaineers that went above and beyond.

Junior Alexa Goldberg won first place overall with a score of 39.225, marking a career-high for the gymnast.

“I don’t really let the scores define how well I did,” Goldberg said. “As long as I did my job, that’s all that matters to me.”

She was awarded with first on floor with the score of 9.95, also finishing first on bars with a score 9.9.

“Lex always works hard and she's a perfectionist, like we all are,” said fellow teammate freshman Kirah Koshinki. “Sometimes maybe even a little hard on herself. But I think she just puts so much into her every day work out and that's great, and it makes us all want to work harder as well.”

Koshinki also was able to achieve a career-high score during this meet by getting 9.9 on vault.

“Personally, I love competing,” Koshinki said. “We all just have so much excitement, so even though the equipment might not be how we like it, we all are behind each other and are there for each other so that we can get through.”

This meet marked the home opener for WVU, which made this match the very first time that the freshmen were able to compete on the home ground as Mountaineers. WVU’s head coach was pleased with the way the freshman preformed.

“They’re calm and collected under pressure,” Butts said about the Mountaineer freshman. “They keep stepping up and knocking it out of the park. They’re all hard workers and they’ve always been that way, that’s why they are at WVU, and I’m just so proud of them”

The Mountaineers will compete again at home 2 p.m. on Sunday against Western Michigan and William & Mary Sunday at 2 p.m.