Finding a healthy balance may pose quite the challenge for college students between studying, exercising, socializing, sleeping, etc. “There just aren’t enough hours in the day” is a common statement heard across college campuses everywhere. However, senior human nutrition and foods student Danielle Juritsch has successfully challenged this statement. Danielle serves as a member of WELLWVU’s Student Wellness Ambassador Team (S.W.A.T.), is a Residence Assistant at Oakland Hall and is involved with the WVU Student Association of Nutrition and Dietetics (SAND). She is also a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community on campus.

Danielle recently sat down to talk about the importance of balance in her life and how she puts her “WELLbeing” first, despite her hectic schedule. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: What does liveWELL mean to you?

A: “To me, liveWELL means that all aspects of me - mental, physical, emotional - are having a positive influence on me as a human. This also means making sure that I am taking time to work out, do my hobbies (such as paint), hangout with friends, get an adequate amount of sleep, read, study or even do something such as watch Netflix just to have a relaxing moment. Sometimes that’s all we need; a moment to just breathe.”

Q: What types of things have helped you find a healthy balance in your life as a student, but also in your other roles at WVU?

A: “I found that in order to have a healthy balance in my life I need to be organized, I have to stay on top of my homework, work and clubs if I want to be successful in these areas. By allowing myself to plan and schedule, it makes it easier for me to accomplish everything I would like to do. Just going for a walk after a long or stressful day calms me down and brings me back to where I need to be, so I can continue on with a clearer mind set. Planning ahead and taking a moment for yourself every so often really helps to reset yourself, and bring you back to your previous balanced self.”

Q: Why do you think it’s important for other students to be educated and know the importance of wellbeing and finding a balance in their lives?

A: “I believe it is very important for students to be educated about wellbeing because it is so much more than one may think. Wellbeing has several layers, and each layer should be given attention. The physical, mental and emotional aspects of wellbeing are probably the most known. However, there are other aspects that are a part of wellbeing that students should be informed of because one of these other areas could be a reason they feel unbalanced. College can be stressful and overwhelming. If students don’t know about wellbeing, finding a balance and the resources they can utilize to help them through this time in their lives, it can have a negative effect on them.”

Q: What advice would you give fellow students regarding wellbeing and balance?

A: “I would advise students to make sure they are actually balancing out all aspects of their wellbeing. Sometimes we as humans tend to put up a front so we may appear one way, but we are actually feeling a different way. Asking for help is okay. I have gone to Carruth, which is WELLWVU’s student counseling center, because I noticed the emotional and mental aspects of my wellbeing were off. WELLWVU has several other resources for students, and I would encourage taking advantage of these resources while they are here for you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a person asking for help in order to better their wellbeing.”

Q: Why would you recommend WELLWVU to other students?

A: ”I would absolutely recommend WELLWVU, 100%. I have interacted with many of the staff members and the graduate assistants at WELLWVU, and they are all fabulous. Anyone interested in talking about wellbeing or just interested in what WELLWVU has to offer, I would definitely recommend they to go and talk to some of the staff. If students are interested in facilitating, promoting or helping plan events based around health and wellbeing I would recommend joining the Student Wellness Ambassador Team or look into other opportunities WELLWVU has to offer.”

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